Our Beloved Bishop Speaks Diocese of Kumbakonam


Respected and dear brother - priests, religious and laity,

The fame of SOCRATES had travelled beyond the borders of Athens to distant lands. And, from far and near, came earnest seekers to have darshana of this man of God, this yogi who kept away from pomp and power.

From a far-off place there came, one day, a man to the house of Socrates. The door was opened by Socrates himself. "Welcome friend!" he said to the visitor

"Crossing hills and valleys have I come to have a darshana of Socrates," the man said. "Can you tell me where I may find him?"

"You have come to the wrong man," Socrates replied. "For, believe me, brother, I have been in search of Socrates for many years but have not yet been able to find him."

"What, you have searched for Socrates for many years and not found him yet! Are you not a citizen of this place?"

"I was born here," Socrates replied. "And I have lived here all my life. And though, by day and by night, I have been in search of Socrates, he continues to elude me."

"Then there is no hope for me," the man answered in despair.

Verily, the most difficult thing is to know oneself, one's true and real Self.

Once we drive into our Self we will find out that we are not what we think we are; we are not what others say what we are; we are not a bundle of traditions or beliefs.

A true discovery of our Self will tell us that we "e;... are gods, children of the Most High..." (Ps 82:6) and we have been created "a little lower than God" (Ps 8:5).

Inviting you all to sit in deep SILENCE,

Yours sincerely in our Lord,

+ F. Antonisamy.
Bishop of Kumbakonam.